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Jul 28, 2010
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Is it normal for info domains to take forever to propagate?

I have a few info's from both Namecheap and Godaddy and it's been about a week and sometimes they work sometimes they don't...

The kom domains I have work fine, and they're all on the same host
Never had this problem with any tld.

It may be your ISPs dns, could be shoddy, which is not uncommon.

You can set up opendns on your router or PC to serve quick and accurate DNS. You can also flush the cache there and have them update dns on the fly.
check your dns server, it doest take more than 4 hours

namecheap seems to propagate .infos just as fast as anything else. They are always pretty speedy compared to most other registrars.
any time I have any trouble with my domains propagating it's because of name server issues... like me not putting in the right name server. I think the longest time I have really had to wait has never been more then 24 hours.
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