[Promotion techniques] _Keyword Mention in Social Networks"

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    The core is: "The more mentions in social networks, the better the search results."
    How to come up with a project where users will mention your business?
    You can come up with an Online Diary of recording participants’ goals, where the main rule is every day report of the steps that have been taken to approximate to the goal. That user who didn’t reply in any particular day is eliminated from the game.

    What is the use for you and for participants?

    Participants: motivation to achieve goals, encouragement in actions, since goals are already highlighted to everyone it is necessary not to suck.

    Your profit: more mentions about the site- more search results; The chain reaction of users stimulates to a systematic report and boosting site's links.

    You can establish the fee for participation, or on the contrary, come up with some reward for all the finalists.