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    I joined Tecademics (I didnt pay for it because I am skeptical) and they are working with Shopify doing all sorts of webinars on how to succeed at Shopify. Many of their webinars are free so do what you want.

    You may need to sign up to Tecadmics to get this deal if they track where the link originates from but just go and sign up and then ask for the link. Then route their emails to spam after you get what you want.

    Note: this is not an affiliate link and I am not endorsing Tecadmics but the discount on Shopify is good enough to get on their email list in the short term.. just my opinion.

    Admins: I am not promoting anything just sharing the deal for Shopify ... don't whip me with a wet noodle if this is against the rules. I couldn't find anything about sharing a deal from another company without an affiliate link.

    Here are the details and the link:

    Here are the important details to help you set up your Shopify Store right now!

    Shopify Store Signup Details

    1. You get your first 30 days FREE with the link below!
    2. There is no credit card required to get started.
    3. You get 50% off your plan for 2 months after your first 30 days!
    4. So your first full 3 months is extremely affordable!
    5. Plus you get access to these bonuses below!
    Tecademics Bonuses for Signing Up

    1. WEEKLY Training & Support to Get Started with Shopify!
    2. Get our Tecademics App for FREE (Save $1,200/yr)
    3. Access to Ecom Power Sellers Training for FREE ($1,000 Retail Value)
    4. Access to Ecom Power Sellers Private Group for FREE ($500 Retail Value)
    5. Shopify Getting Started Checklist (Step by Step Guide)
    6. List of 50 Wholesale Sites to Find Products (PDF)
    7. List of 50 Drop Shipping Sites to Use with Shopify (PDF)
    8. And several additional bonuses!
    Important Notes Before Getting Started

    • In order to get the Tecademics app and bonuses free you MUST use this link.
    • This deal is only available for NEW shopify stores that you set up.
    • We will see what we can do for existing stores soon.
    • The Tecademics Shopify App will be available in the very near future.
    • The step by step guide and list of websites will be available within a few days.
    • The Ecom Power Sellers Training & Group Launches by December 1st.
    • The link below and the bonuses are for the $79/mo plan with Shopify.
    • The page won't reflect these details but we will still track your account.
    • There is an EARLY BIRD special bonus, so sign up RIGHT NOW to get extra perks!
    • Now you can click the link below and sign up!
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    What is this. o_O