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Promoting fake news website

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by itsme1, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. itsme1

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    Jan 28, 2014
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    Hello everybody! I'm new here, so I apologize that my first post is opening a new thread, but I need your help. I've read many of the threads here, so I think that you can help me.

    I am a journalist and writer of political humor and satire in a small European country, but because I don't like the restrictions of the editors and the media owners, I decided to start a website in English that would include fake news with humor and satire about events around the world, mostly about United States (something like The Onion).

    I started working on the website recently and so far I have published several articles, but as you can guess, the main problem is attracting visitors. I have a personal Facebook account with over 5000 friends and followers, and several fan pages with over 50,000 fans, but the articles are not meant for them, but for English-speaking countries, mainly the United States This means i can't use my Facebook friends and fans.

    I'm not the one who should speak for the quality of my writing, but I can confidently say that all the articles are about current stories in the news and have a compelling and provocative headlines. The problem is how to bring the headlines to readers from the United States.

    I started a new fan page for the website, which has almost 3,000 fans, but most of them are from my country, and the rest were obtained through Add me fast, and only a small part of them are U.S. fans gained through actual visits.

    I promoted some of the articles through Facebook promoted posts targeting the U.S., but since I don't have lot of U.S. fans out there, the ads are pretty expensive. My plan is to make several thousand fans from the U.S. via Add me fast, hoping that after that the promoted posts will be cheaper, and even without targeting will reach U.S. readers. I know that the biggest part of the fans gained through Add me fast are useless but, i hope that their friends are not, so Facebook will reach them with promoted posts.

    One of the things that I do now is that I'm posting comments with links to the articles on Facebook fan pages of the American media that publish real news. But still, i can't get even 500 page-views per day.

    I want to read your opinion on this - I want to pay someone to make me a Social reader app that will be associated with a script on the website, so the only way for someone to read the articles on my website will be through connecting with Facebook and letting the application to post on their behalf, on their Facebook profile, so their friends can see it, and hopefully read it. I don't like this as a reader but i think that it isn't such a bad idea if you are a publisher.

    So far I've tried with writing articles about the current Twitter trends and posting a link with the hash-tag, but it didn't give any result. It's the same with posting YouTube video with a pic of a public figure, and posting a link to the fake news article for that person on an current event.

    I would really appreciate your help so the articles can reach a greater American audience, which would allow a greater popularity of the website and generating some earnings through Google Adsense.

    Thanks in advance.