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Nov 14, 2009
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This is my first post on BHW. I knew of BHW recently from a friend's suggestion on buying facebook accounts.

I have a technical background and I have worked on creating a few facebook apps (none of them became successful). Anyway, I came up with a rather cool idea for facebook app. It involves earning through cpa + viral sharing of the cpa offers by facebook members.

As a technical person myself, I have all the backbone system setup for the app to ready to handle server crushing traffic. The approach to promote this app that I'm taking right now is to buy as many facebook accounts as possible (with lots of friends) and start sharing the app on these accounts. However, due to the development and server start up cost I'm down to my last $100. My next paycheck from cpa is Dec 15, so I was able to buy just 2 facebook accounts.

I've been trying to promote the app using these 2 accounts for 2-3 days now and I've got only 40 users so far plus earning of about $15 - $20 per day. I'm quite confident that once the number of users reaches the "critical mass" the viral effect will take on and the app will grow on its own.

My problem right now is I do not have so many channels to promote this app (as I do not have money to spend right now) and I do not think promoting the app to the same 2 accounts that I have will get me any further.

Any suggestion anyone? Thanks in advance.
i can currently marketing on facebook. im interested in hearing more. om me contact info
I can promote your Application
Just throw me with a Win-Win offer
Pm your app if you wish, i can promote this in some of my accounts, for free mate.
I can provide you facebook pva accounts without friends
and I can also do the messaging and friend request
contact me if u have any plan to promote using new accounts
Thanks PM sent with app details.
Let me know your app details. I have over 50K friends, fans and group members to promote to along with a mailing list of 48K FB users.
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