Project Management - Any Good Software?


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May 12, 2010
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I've started to build up a nice collection (20+ sites) now and its becoming obvious I need a way of organising everything. At the moment I use a spreadsheet of tasks down the left and sites across the top. Then check stuff off as they're done. Like: Domain, import feeds, install plugins, etc.

Does anyone know of any better way of managing all their sites/projects? Preferably online so I can access from anywhere.

I've already looked at and discounted a lot:
* Remember the Milk - not great for 20+ projects.
* BaseCamp - too expensive (I prefer free!)
* Voo2doo - nasty interface.
* Redmine - to programmer-centric.
* ZohoPlanner - only allowed 1 project.

Any ideas? What do you use?
We use this @work, it's free, but maybe an overkill for what you need:
We use this @work, it's free, but maybe an overkill for what you need:

I've used this program, and although it didn't cater my needs, it was a very neat program and may be just what you're looking for.
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