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    Aug 31, 2010
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    hey guys im more or less looking for newer people to IM, wouldnt mind some pros but i see this JV going more for practice than anything right now.

    I make music and have heard a lot of good responses from our group. We make hip-hop/rnb/dance-radio. I can show u guys some of our older work. I am looking to turn this hobby into a profession; as i have found BHW as an IM forum ive been trying to pick up different methods and techniques to make some extra income. In my perspective, in order to turn this hobby into a profession im gonna need a good amount of Internet Marketing to succeed. Im thinkin people will buy songs and eventually other merchandise we can provide on the site. We currently have 4800 friends (no bands) on myspace and 449 friends on facebook. In order to make this less time consuming and more organized im looking for a team of people who can major in the few different social networking sites and maybe some bloggers. I'm thinking facebook, myspace, twitter, mass mail, youtube, and of course articles.

    The numbers:

    depending on how many people r involved in willing to split all profits evenly amongst the group. There will be adsense, im looking for something whitehat for the most part maybe grey or black in the future.

    I know this doesnt really sound too professional or rewarding but i am a very generous person and depending on how good this all turns out i can see it going very good for us as a group. As i said though, im looking for mainly newer people who want to learn more about IM, the best way is actually putting it to work... consider this a motivator and a niche.

    Thanks for ur time, i hope to hear some type of response from this.