Programs that need programs to work

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    Jan 18, 2010
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    Well dont know if this is in the right section.
    I just wanted to talk alittle about programs that need programs to function to its best.

    an example, tweet attacks pro, needs twitter accounts, and to use this to its fully potential u need twitter accounts, so you buy tweet attacks account creator, well and for this u need email accounts, so you buy a email account creator, well and in order to make this work good u need decapcha also so buy this service, then u also need a acount verifier that takes care of verifie the the accounts u r making, this means alot of money but pays of in the long run, there should be a tool that takes care of all this things, ahhh and then we have the proxys needed for both the twitter accounts and email accounts.

    a good programer should be able to do this i guess,:)