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    This is a blackhat but here it goes :) I work for a company that is doing pretty good with sales and I want to take advantage of this as affiliate. The site is in asp and my idea is to place a code or something on the home page so I can get commissions. I would run this for a few hours each day. So i need a programmer to help me develop some kind of code that i can place on the server and call upon it in meta tags somehow. It has to of course blank out refferer.

    any ideas?
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    How big is the company? If they're not a little mom and pop shop, they probably have a separation of duties protocol in place as well as a change control process. Also, I'm sure this stuff is stored in a database, so you'll need IIS rights as well as DB rights.

    You should probably do some more research before you think about asking for help.

    This is the kind of stuff people get thrown in jail for...embezzlement. You probably don't want to be biting pillows for the next 20 years.