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    I pretty much make software and program stuff for a living and I often have a lot more fun developing programs that are useful for different people for the community.

    Right now, I really only have two programs:

    Mass Emailer
    Youtube Commenter

    But here is what I actually want to do is pretty much instead of selling these programs straight to people, I want to offer up letting other people sell them at any rate they want, but the only thing they have to do is just buy the license straight from me for each sale they make.

    Mass Emailer - $30 per License, $50 for Two, $70 for Three
    Youtube Commenter - $50 per License, $75 for two, $100 for three

    On top of that, I provide tech support, free updates, and take suggestions and do what I can to improve my program whenever new suggestions come up and I think it would benefit the program. How much you charge for updates, I don't care, I just have too much fun solving these problems.

    Selling the license to my program is just my incentive to keep improving my program and make sure I have some cash in my pocket.

    My current price that I sell to people is:

    Mass Emailer - $100, 2 licenses and Program
    Youtube Commenter - $150, 2 licenses and Program

    So pretty much, you can make some good profits if you can find people to fill their needs.

    I am a programmer and software developer, though my only fatal weakness is I am weak on sales and marketing. So my reasoning why I am offering it to you guys is that I want to stick to what I love, and if you guys enjoy selling, you can take advantage of this offer!

    This setup is just for ALL our benefits. This way, you can receive your money, and turn around and buy the license from me, saving you the hassle and trust issues that you may have in most other JV setups.

    If you have any questions, please ask.

    Hope to hear from ya guys soon :)

    Also, if you have different software ideas that might be interesting and would like to add to the list of programs that you could/want to sell, let me know and we can talk it out and see if its a task or job I want to take.
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    shooting u a PM
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    hi there,

    I guess I know what a mass emailer is and does, although can you put some specs my way

    Also the youtube commentator what exactly does it do? again I can guess but to do a sales sheet I really would like to know all the specs on what they can do