Programmers! Looking for ideas for your next project? Here you go.

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    I've seen a number of threads where programmers are looking for ideas to code. I'm a coder and here is my suggestion for you. This won't make you rich but it is a pretty reliable indicator of the types of things people are looking to buy.

    (Btw, forget coding the next Fiverr or crowdfunding website - too much competition already and the odds are stacked against you.)

    1. Go to

    2. The third row of navigation items from the top lists the various categories of code - php, javascript, the category (DO NOT select a subcategory and don't select "popular items" either). Stick to the main navigation option i.e.: PHP, Javascript, HTML5...

    3. There is an orangish lookinsg box directly under the navigation bar we just used to select the main category. You can search from there but DON'T search. Look under the orangish box and find "Sort by:" "Newest items" is the default but we are going to change that (click the arrows to show a dropdown selection of ways to sort) . SELECT "Sort by: Best Sellers".

    Towards the right of the screen for each product it states how many of the item have sold. Some have sold thousands, some have only sold a few.

    At this point you have to build a better mousetrap (we want to copy the ideas that are hot sellers and code them ourselves to sell). Write your product, list it on the same website and you are better off than writing something that you don't know if there is a market for it.

    Or not...whatever.


    P.S. The P.S. is the third most read item in your emails and posts (first being the title, second being someone skimming your content). As it is the last thing read it will be remembered more than your content or the title. Make use of this! Or not...whatever.
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