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    Jul 28, 2011
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    I am looking for a social bookmarking submitter with the following

    A simple Userface

    Main area Boxes:


    Settings boxes:

    Captcha interation deathbycaptcha - username and password
    Email address input details
    Website registration info - with auto generate button - username and password
    Preferences - use proxie and how many threads

    Websites tab
    Shows the social bookmark sites with PR -
    Shows username and password for the site
    shows status of registration

    (must be at least 10-20 social bookmarking sites programmed in already)

    Proxy tab
    Where you can enter proxies for use with the software

    A log tab showing the software running when submitting

    A submissions tab, showing links and urls of success bookmarks

    The software must have also the following :

    Register accounts button
    Email verify button
    Stop button
    Submit button
    Load project button
    Save project button

    Also a tab for updates to easily install
    And a report error to owner button so that errors from users can be reported.

    Please pm with your prices on the cost of a software like this.