Programmer needed for email auto response software


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May 19, 2009
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I am looking for an experienced programmer that can develop a custom email response software similar to bhar or responderking that will login to email client hotmail, yahoo or gmail or business domain and extract/pull email responses that are in the inbox.

Once it pulls those emails it will leave the responses in the inbox from there it will place emails in a file on a server with a unique name.We will then be able to assign the file to a specific ad campaign that is created and also assign to send emails created and placed on server.

Ability to use a timer function to send email on set days and set times.

We will be able to create the emails campaigns ad body in the software. It will have the ability to use senders name and also responders name and title in the email campaign.

We need a log to keep track of what emails have been sent to and which ones have not and which campaigns and emails have sent to them

Ability to send emails from newest received or oldest or in the event we have emails on the server that have not been mailed to or we wish to mail to again. Basically able to designate where to start mailing from the list

Ability to re-email failed send a second time

Please pm your cost for development and the time frame it will take you
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