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    Hello everybody,
    After years of browsing this website I am finally making the goal on being active. First learned of BHW when I was around 16 years old. I am 25 now.
    The reason I am going to be active now is because I want to start executing on some of the many online revenue generation strategies on this site and sustain an income stream I can live off of with part-time maintenance from home. Hoping to accomplish this in the next two years.

    While I start by learning and practicing different techniques as proposed in the sticky of this Introductions forum, I aim to create relationships with other members here who have similar goals. The value I have to give are my programming skills. I know C++, Java, PHP, MySQL, NoSql, HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, Angular and many other languages along with the fundamental programming principles that guide there usage. I understand and can help people automate software systems, create websites and also have some intermediate photoshop skills to help with simple designs.

    I will likely be focusing on making deals with individuals who are interested by either contributing my skills for profit or in special cases for the experienced members, for free in order to learn from you.

    Just graduated with a Computer Science degree from UC San Diego and have been teaching myself code and started making custom websites when I was about 15.

    Knowing what I know now, I probably would have skipped college and become active on this website 7 years ago! Now I am 25k in college debt and will be working in corporate as a Software Engineer in San Diego. I have learned that being an engineer in industry is not what I want to live my life doing. I see the skills I will learn in this community as a way to break out of industry, work on generating the revenue I need to sustain living part time while I spend full-time hours creating technologies I am passionate about.

    While working on generating revenue testing out different methods such as affiliate marketing, drop shipping, site flipping etc... on the side I will be learning how to create my own anonymous web crawlers, data scrapers and other tools to help automate and scale ideas members in the community or I have with a focus on staying white hat while still being willing to dabble in the gray.

    Happy to be starting a new journey in this community and I will see you all around on the forums, IM and in some cases maybe even in person! Any other fellow Californians, I especially encourage you to give a shout out! :)

    Anybody interested in the value I have to add, shoot me a PM.