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    I came across this term while doing research. In case anyone likes to keep up with the latest terms I dont know if its a new kind of media buying or the just a new term for re-targeting. I dont know anything else about the report listed except its too expensive for me.

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    Programmatic advertising is really a general term including everything from behavioral and intent-based targeting, to real-time bidding and programmatic direct deals.
    In simple words it is the automated process of buying and selling ad inventory via artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms infused technology solutions.
    Programmatic advertising includes software-based platforms: DSPs, SSPs, DMPs and Ad Exchanges - are key components of the programmatic puzzle.
    If you choose full-service DSP for media buying solutions, you would be working with account managers and support team who would:

    1) help you to launch your first campaign,
    2) help to allocate your media budget,
    3) advise you on targeting settings, and
    4) campaign optimization.
    You will be supported on all stages of your campaign, and the team would
    5) assist you in understanding analytics and reporting.

    The average pricing model for DSP is % of your overall media spend, so budget on programmatic media buying depents on your digital marketing goals.
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