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    Hi there,

    So today I was browsing the forums and I saw a program by crazyflx (think that was his/her name) which took a load of articles and jumbled them all together by taking random sentences from each one. I thought a program like this would be good for me to practise my java so I came home today after work and sat down to put something together. In a couple of hours, I've managed to put something suitable together - it's all command line based at the moment, otherwise I'd have shared it right away.

    Now I've thought, maybe if I try to optimise this program and then try a little journal where by I find a free article scraper (downloaded one from here a while ago), jumble up some articles and wack them on to a blog and see if I can rank, and how well I can rank. So this is what I'm going to do once I've optimised this article jumbler thingy majig.

    I'm asking, what ideas do you have that I could possible incorporate into my program? So far I can throw 1000's of articles into a directory. Select how many sentences I want per article, how many articles I want, and run it. It'll through out that set number. I'm also able to replace keywords and make them bold, italics, or underlined and can easily incorporate links. I'm going to an element of randomness to this so that whether I italise, bolden or underline or link a keyword is completely random based a probability associated with each one.

    Can't really think of any other ideas though :\ throw them my way if you've got anything. I suppose a journal on this will be up within a week once this is done :)