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    Okay let's assume the situation is equal. Which strategy provides the better backlinks? I want to completely disregard the time required and approval type information. It evens out in my mind. Sure comments are quicker, but profile links are guaranteed to be there.

    A dew follow (not sure why the correct spelling is stared) profile link on a forum with PR. Fewer outbound links than on a blogpost, I can easily build for two or three sites in the same profile if I choose to.

    Assume the blog is dew follow and has a PR on the home page. I'm likely limited to one post if it's moderated so only 1 backlink. Anchor text is sometimes, actually, quite often, not allowed.

    Which do you think looks better for my site in Googles eyes?

    Assuming nearly all my backlinks I currently have are blog comments, would some forum profiles add some more natural appearance to the backlinks and benefit me better?

    I'm leaning towards the forum profiles as I'm not at all satisfied with my commenting success. It doesn't seem like nearly enough stick. I've been stuck at the same level of backlinks for the longest time and if anything, the number seems to decrease not increase.
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    There are pros and cons with both the methods. Posting comments won't take much time, if you have scrapebox or such tools in your armory. If you go for profile links, you will need to resort to xrumer or such tools. Manual profile links will take time, or you have to oursource it.

    However, some of the drawbacks of blog comments will also apply to forum profiles.

    First of all, it's getting increasingly difficult to get these profiles indexed. You will need to do social bookmarking or RSS feed submissions, if you need to get at least half of your profiles indexed. Also, many forums may remove your profiles over a period. So, links won't be permanent in that case.

    If you can find high PR blog pages, with low-moderate OBL count, then blog comment can be a good option. Forum profiles may never get any kind of PR and will only have the link power from its root domain.