Profile Backlinks Status in Yahoo Explorer vs Google???

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by mreza001, Sep 16, 2010.

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    Ok I have question regarding profile backlinks. I recently did 500 profile backlinks to a website and managed to get like 80% of them indexed in Google within a 1 day. By indexing I mean I went to Google and in the search box typed in the username (in quotes) I used to make accounts on those fourms and it came back with all the profile urls.

    Now when I go to Yahoo Explorer and do a backlink check on this site almost none of these profile backlinks show up there. What I have noticed alot is that profile backlinks that show up in Yahoo Explorer don't show up in Google index (either by searching for that profile url or username in quotes). And profile backlinks that get indexed in Google hardly show up in Yahoo Explorer.

    So if I look up a competitor's website's backlinks in YE and see they have a ton of profile backlinks then when I go manually to get the same profile backlinks these seem to get indexed in YE within a week or so. But if search for those in G they never seem to show up there. Even after serveral months the ones that show up in YE never show up in G and vice versa.

    So my question is should I be concerned that most of profile backlinks are not showing up in YE as long as they are indexed in G? I know YE just gives a snapshot of your backlinks, but it would be nice to see a bigger portion of these backlinks that G is showing as indexed in YE. Or since we our aim is to rank in G we need to focus on getting as much backlinks indexed in G compared to YE?

    Anyone have any opinions?
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    Both limit the number of links you can find to stop you finding all of your competitors backlinks and copying them!

    I wouldn't worry too much about either but just keep building links :)

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    Actually you are checking the best way possible by using the unique user name you used to create the profiles. If they are showing up as indexed in Google than that is all the matters. All Yahoo does is give you a general idea of how many links a site has, it really has no direct link to what Google does or does not have indexed.