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    Today I'm feeling good and want to give something back to BHW. I'm offering one video intro to one BHW member.

    What you should have to be able to get one video intro/trailer about your Website?

    • Website that matchs the "profile" of the video below (example - website selling a ebook)
    • You need to be a popular member here and with more than 8 months in the BHW. More than 100 thanks and more than 40 of reputation.
    • If you are the "winner", you need to provide all the text needed to put in the video telling what your site or product offers.
    Here is the video:

    I done that video for a contest here on BHW but the thread was deleted/blocked...I don't know even if the OP saw it.

    Im sorry if you do not meet these requirements. If you meet these requeriments and like my video, post here asking for one video for you.
    Maybe I'll make more give away's...if I have more free time.
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    Looks cool. Everyone can use some more hypnotizing flash intros :D