Professional SEO/Design Done - NEED Article Writers - 50/50 profit!

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    I own an EMD with around $2.50-3.50 Adsense CPC. The niche is strong with around 4,500 exact searches to the EMD alone. Competition isn't bad at all, niche has been steady for 6 years, I've done my research.

    I've set up a blog on the domain, it has 5 posts that are all 800 words +. The blog is about a month old and every article is pulling in some traffic through its long-tail KW's (I haven't made 1 back link I'm just good at writing non-spammy SEO articles)

    The goal is to reach 300 quality articles so that it becomes an authority.

    This will be a long term venture - monetization plans go like this:

    1. Ad sense
    2. Drop shipping (Google recently started hating affilates so I'm staying away)
    3. eCommerce store

    My Credentials

    Soon-to-be college graduate with an Advertising Major and a Marketing Minor.
    I was hired as an intern (required to complete my degree)
    at one of the most prestigious web design firms in my area. We build corporate websites using jQuery and have some huge clients paying 50k for a website from us. I do the copywriting, PR and SEO for the company.

    I've recently been promoted to run the SEO sector of the business which leaves me with less time to do my own IM.

    What I can Bring

    Being that I work at a web design firm I am able to get a jQuery designed website for next to nothing. Were talking award-winning website designers here.

    I have extensive knowledge of SEO and will easily rank this site to #1 for a variety of keywords. This is a great opportunity to get a long-term whitehate eCommerce store going. I use 80% Whitehat and 20% grey and blackhat for my SEO efforts.

    What I Need From You

    I need a dedicated article writer with a knack for business. Someone that wants to get started in their IM career but needs their hand-held because their afraid of doing something wrong. I will tell you everything to do but you will be welcome to offer your own advice.

    This site will be professional, it will be something you can show your friends, family and future employers. You will be proud of what you have created and your efforts will last for years to come.

    Candidates must be native English speakers with strong writing skills.

    I will discuss payment options based on the ability of the candidates from whom I receive PM's from. I would like to go 50/50 with someone who is qualified. If you're not worth it I won't be offering you 50%, but I may still be interested in cutting you in somehow.

    PM for more info! Include any work samples if applicable.