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    ok so time for another question from me which is probably bleedingly obvious to you all, but I shall carry on anyway :)

    I'm aiming to do some affiliate articles and put them on my blog, get my blog to page 1 (and ideally rank 1). Now I want to use an exact match domain to help me.
    I have found a product that according to adwords keyword tool, gets 201,000 EXACT searches a month for it's name(referred to as [productName] from now on). It is paid software so it should be getting reviews etc. I then searched for "[productName] review" in google adwords keyword tool and it was getting something like 300 EXACT searches a month (that's 300, not 300k or 300,000) which is PRETTY LOW in comparison to how many searches the product gets.

    I'm trying to figure out what this means and whether it's worth investing in writing articles about the product and purchasing the domain [productName]review*c*m

    if you google "[productName] review" there's not much competition, if you google "[productName]" the first 5 results are all links from the products website and then after that it's just spammy ads about anti-virus and the like that somehow make it onto PAGE 1.

    I guess what I'm sort of asking is do the searches show that if I write articles about this using keywords such as "[productName] review" I'll get next to no traffic.
    And also is it common for "[productName] review" to see such low results on the adwords keyword tool and if so, do people generally still get hits?