Product Brainstorming:a pdf-reader like "read-it-2me-baby!" !?

Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by Cookiehunter, Sep 22, 2010.

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    Hi guys and lads,
    maybe I'm the only one being fed up this, especially in the programmers section :rolleyes:

    Reading from the screen or, as a more "healthy" option, annoying my printer (and being annoyed by him).

    I'm talking about big pdf's, txt's etc, books n texts in general.
    Probably as programmers you guys think not much about getting into the "outside world", but imagine HEARING it all while being away from our pc - it would be great.

    Opera has a feature built in to read the websites, that's a step into this direction, and there are text-to-speach programs out there.

    Now to get to the point: you notice all the Fuzz about that frickin eBook reader Kindle, and the money made from it...imagine a Text2spech conversion program hopping on THAT train...!

    Addressed to this BIG group of (human) readers, who would appreciate hearing their "books" on their mp3-phone while odd jobs like walking-the-dog or shopping food.

    There is already a HUGE group of "AudioBook"Fans, always desperately on the hunt for more ear-stuff, either legally bought on cd ( expensive compared to real books if you research) or as free download of course.

    But there is NO connection yet between those two groups of fans, the readers and the "hearers"!

    Well, these were my thoughts today morning when another pdf popped up before breakfast, and spoiled my morning, so I had to post it. It is meant as a brainstorming for anybody who had/has the same thoughts or is thinking about new product ideas, and it is about programming in one I'm interested about your thoughts!