Problems, possibly with affiliate program or people b*llsh*tng me.

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    Im using an adult affiliate program (*Bi*gCli*ck*s), in CL and on a blog. In the emails, two person informed me that they have registered, but I don't see any sales being made in the statistics, and im worried that the affiliate is not crediting the sales, or maybe these people have not registered and are B*llsh*tng me. . On my blog, according to the statistics, many people have visited the site, but no sales so far. The registration site, according to the blog, is supposed to take the people automatically, after registration, to a site with exclusive photos. Don't sure if people are taking that even thought there are already testimonials on the comments of people that have registered and got transported to were the photos are. In using an shortened( of*f*t*o).
    My offers are: giving away a phone, adult entertainment reviews, and on the blog exclusive, naked photos of someone that people want's to see naked, but although she posed, she didn't pose naked yet and she is a famous host on the television channel (Gee*4oar*Tee*Vee) on "the moan of the show" or something.( don't want to be too expecific in this tread, you know)

    Maybe I should hire a poster.

    Is there a free software that transports automatically people once they register to an other site ?

    And I don't want to invest in a domain and hosting yet.

    Are this people not registered, or if any of them have registered, why is not credited the sales. It's difficult to know.

    Any ideas of what it is?
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