PROBLEM with "Last response code: 400 -> checkpoint_required"

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Mohabit, Aug 4, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    With my FollowLiker license I am running 3 accounts without proxies on one computer, using the same WiFi continuously (one with 32k, one with 11k and one new with 2k followers). Never had any problems regarding captchas

    With my phone I'm logging in to these accounts a few times a day to check new stats and upload pictures, using the same WiFi or mobile internet (3G).

    Let's come to my question:
    For 2-3 weeks now I have a problem: Very randomly the Instagram app on my phone asks me for solving captchas and FollowLiker will stop working, showing this error: Last response code: 400 -> checkpoint_required (but always only 2 of the 3 accounts are not working at that time, and always different ones; never all three at the same time).

    Entering the captcha on the phone, resetting the password or restarting FollowLiker will help for a few hours, then one by one the accounts ask for captchas.

    It is very strange as I didn't change my location, my logging behaviour, my passwords, my IP's nor my stats recently.

    Can anybody help me with that? Would like to have FollowLiker running smoothly again...

    Thanks to everybody!
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    You always want to log on the same wifi network FL is running one. Never should you use your provider's 3G network. It's not the same as wifi.

    Captchas popups comes up when IG suspects you are using some form of automation or you are going too fast. Slow down your actions by increasing your delays times and or buy some captcha credit to automate IG captcha popups. FL will input the code whenever it pops up. DeathByCaptcha is pretty good and at reasonable price.
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