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    First, sorry my English is bad.

    Almost 3 days my site status "This Account Has Been Suspended".

    I should visit their site almost 20 times to check whether the support chat is online.

    Email support just one got reply from billing dept only and other ticket close without reply. It was also after I can chat with billing hostgee team.

    Reason why my account is suspend cause high resource, I'm using four auto blog.

    If you check their site, they give all unlimited, and i ask before about auto blog and they said no problem.

    The Last I'm using 12GB bandwidth and 1,2GB space

    I can't request refund cause over 30 days.

    i have five site on hostgee hosting and all down :(

    Here the last reply from billing dept

    "Make your account scripts optimized which does not causes server load any more.

    So that our management will have a look on this and will active account again"

    I can't do anything, just wait and see :(

    Please advise
    Thank you