Problem with Ecommerce website - Changes not getting indexed

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by insainty, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Hi guys, i am having a problem here.

    I handle 4 ecommerce websites with one website as the Authority website and other 3 as niche specific websites. All the 4 websites shares the same database in terms of Meta Tags and Product Information. (Change has been made to have unique meta tags for each site now)

    At the beginning of last month, i made a meta tag change on the authority website and it got reflected on another niche website. So 2 websites shared the same Meta tags. But here the problem started. The Niche website was crawled by google immediately and it reindexed the changes but still now the authority site's changes has not been reindexed.

    I have changed the meta tags on the authority website to be different than the niche website but still the changes are not getting reflected. I tried to ping it, social bookmark it etc but of no use..

    For the targeted keyword, the niche site is raking on #10 but the authority website which was targeted for ranking is on #250 position.

    Please help me what might be wrong here?