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    hello everyone, I'm from Asia, I did not use my ebay account from 2 yrs ago, now I log in back and want to sell, but i got limited selling from ebay though i don't do anything wrong, then they tell me send fax id,bill,statement,...
    I sent document to ebay via hellofax, faxzero but they said they can't read or can't find after searching their system, my document is clearly, light (includes my back and front of my ID 's scan photo , and one of credit card statement that shows address and name on it), I filled my user id and my email on each fax page too. Recent i just have sent old document via myfax, but i think it won't work too.
    and my problem: I can't fax to ebay.
    I ask them if they can accept mail posting but they denied.
    I assure my scan is very clearly, real infomation but I never understand why they can't read.
    I tried to visit fax shop such as : post office but post office said that their fax machine is black and white, ebay accept black and white fax? so I did not use fax service of shop.
    I have the same question:
    can you fax black and white documents to paypal? If you fax your documents online paypal gets them colored or b&w? If you fax from shop that has only a b&y fax machine will ebay accept it ?
    more question: if I use fax service of shop, should I make a black and white document scan before faxing?
    someone can help me to fax to ebay? I will pay your fee.
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    Just scan the documents and upload them for PayPal to see. Last time I had to do this they offered an
    easy solution for me to upload the files just like if I did this with tinypic or any upload system.