Probably Getting Banned Current Power and Top Rated

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by hist0ry, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Hello All,

    I won't reveal what I was doing but it was 100% legit and I was making 500gbp a week fora good 2-3 months doing it. Long story short I reinvested the money back into the business and grew into the 500 as originally it was only 1-200 etc. I had a business partner but he decided it was becoming to much and unlike me he had a girlfriend and a young son. He got sick of it and decided to take a break (i had the feeling he would pack in) so anyway he started ignoring me and I had a hard time getting in touch maybe once every 3 days not all day everyday.

    As what we were doing required them to send us something and we then modified the item we obviously have their item. Handling 5+ of these each day each its a lot of trust and money.

    After stopping we put the prices sky high to avoid sales so are making no money and our was money is not run out. I'm getting any that needed additional mods my end out and get flawless feedback he on the other hand has got us about 2 negs and 2 neutrals and about 9 cases are open and 6 have been closed so obviously that money was deducted from the account ruining the profit we had.

    Its now at the stage where the paypal is negative and theres cases to be resolved and he still has peoples items. Hes doing them but really slowly.

    Lets say he gets them all out and we end up in minus 3-400 debt on paypal and about 7 negs on the account.

    Is the account still ok? will it get banned? the paypals in his name and the ebays in mine. Can I just change the linked paypal and change all the info over properly to me and ramp it back up my way?.

    Lots of sellers are happy with my work and have left feedback untill a later date for me to help me if I get a month redemption or something.

    I checked our %'s and our dispatch time is something like 4% bad where your alloud 2% and our cases is like 2.5% your only meant to be about 1%.

    Would I just get banned for that or would I get a warning and some time? and to further it if i explained to ebay and had proof it was him doing the bad ones and hes no longer involved would I be more liable for a chance?

    It was an awesome business and as I was doing all of the ebay seo and marketing I learned a lot and took it from 1-2 sales a week to 10 a day in the space of a couple of months and dont want to lose it. One further question is if his paypal owes 400 is the ebay safe?.

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    Sorry to hears your trouble.seem to my eye the account is not good. my account suffer
    the same and it messed up. Be careful