Private proxy vs Dynamic IP's, Using for Accounts

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    I live in Australia and my ISP uses dynamic IP's so each time I press my modem button to turn it off or on I get a brand new IP. They are one of the biggest ISP's here so they have a huge range of IP's. I notice that dynamic IP's are hardly mentioned in this mainly USA based forum. Is that because they are not common in the USA and what about those from Europe? Would you use them for your marketing and account logins if your ISP offered that? I do and I have not really noticed any issues with social medial places yet. I guess I will keep using them and not much point paying for private IP's at this stage anyway. I always make sure to use CCleaner before changing accounts and IP and I document each account with the browser used etc so I can keep them running smooth. At times I get issues with FB and get the odd account locked as I often have traveled in the past overseas and they get confused with my location but other than that it seems to be OK. I recently changed to a new PC and W10 and since then Google requires me to type in the last phone number used (that is why I document everything) or get me to verify with a phone number ( i have a load of sims for that) for most of my accounts but that is OK.
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