private proxies = VPN?

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    private proxies = VPN?
    is that right?
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    no, private proxies is not the same as VPN. There are some similarities tho/
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    A simple copy paste from another site.

    VPN (virtual private network). A VPN is a private network that uses a public network (usually the Internet) to connect remote sites or users together. The VPN uses "virtual" connections routed through the Internet
    VPN doesn't have to be private proxies, I Have a VPN (hidemyass) with 13k proxies, they are not private, and you can change the IP Address very easily, while for private proxy you have to go settings, enter the ip etc.
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    A private server is a complete OS somewhere on the planet which you can control remotely, installing any program you like including games. A Virtual private server (VPS) is installed on a computer that has other OSes installed so it is not real hardware but a 'virtual' one.

    A Dedicated private server (DPS) is a whole computer at your disposal. You can use all its power to the max and there is nobody else to complain about slowdowns.

    When you connect to either type ot these servers you establish a network (either a VPN = virtual private Network or a DPN = dedicated private Network).

    A proxy server is a single software within an OS that we can command to simply do stuff online, uploading and downloading, nothing else. If you have a VPS you can install a proxy on it. But if you have a proxy you certainly can't install an OS on it.

    Finally, the word private has nothing to do with privacy, it means only you can access / command it. If it is secured enough, your privacy is increased. If not, all that you do can be monitored by third parties.
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    Can you use the VPN proxies from, say hidemyass for use in programs such as scrapebox, or do you require individual private/shared proxy services?
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    bookmark this thread...really i get more understanding about these term.

    its all about something we do in privacy right?

    proxies/vpn/software = only for doing something like downloading and uploading?

    vps: third party remote and can do anything but out of control with all computer system?

    dps:whole computer system and can control/do anything include create vps right?

    it is what i am understanding now...dps also control remotely right?
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    i'm sorry mate, guess you mixed up some things:

    not nesessarily. normal company servers can also be remotely accessed.

    thats right.the computer does have only one OS installed with the virtual OS'es running on top of it.

    A DPS is a Server dedicated for you, you do have full OS Access, no Virtual hosting.
    Using a whole Computer at your disposal would be Server Housing, wehere you can put your own computer (or a rentet one) in a network center and have full control over it.

    Thats completely wrong.
    A Virtual Private Network (VPN) Does mean that the Network itself (on a low layer) is being virtualised and tunnled over the Internet. So it looks as if you were
    physically connected to the Servers LAN.
    A Dedicated Private Network is taking a physical Cable from your home network to the Server. Large companies do use this to connect their locations.

    None of these Networks are being built automatically. You have to set them up manually and connect to them manually.
    The Sense of VPNs is that it does a) cloak your IP and b) encrypt the Traffic between you and the VPN Server.

    When using a VPN, you do allways appear to have the same IP, which is the one of the VPN Server.

    its not really "software which we can command", which would apply to Desktop Applications, too.
    Its a Server Software, called Daemon or Service, which is being used as a hop. The commands sent by the Browser are being sent to the Proxy, and the proxy forwards it to the webpage, receiving the
    answer and forwarding it back to you. There are Proxys that do cloak your ip (Anonymous Proxys), and there are some that don't.

    it also isnt about acces/command - in the beginning, it meant that it suits for non-commercial use. nowadays, it means only that its being Hosted by a Hosting Company, and not by yourself/your company.

    EDITH: in the case of VPN, it means "encapsuled from the internet"

    Its allways a good idea to use VPN in Combination with Proxies, because VPN alone does allways appear as the same IP (which is normaly blacklisted), and Proxys alone arent secure enough (to easy to trace back by authorities).
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