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Private aff. program with excellent commissions looking for serious partners/affilites

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by signorm68, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. signorm68

    signorm68 Registered Member

    Aug 13, 2008
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    What we are doing?

    We are Private affiliate program. Our partners (rather than ?affiliates?) get %1.5- %15 per sale, something between $2 and $75, even more.
    We are selling millions of ?real? products (not viral products, nor services) . So you need to sell stuffs like, shoes, clothing, furniture, hardware, electronics, garden furniture, blah, blah, everything.

    Also we are selling for US/CA market only.

    What is business model?

    You can use various ways to send us QUALITY traffic, for every sale you get commission. Cookie lives 30-90 days depends, on deal. We don?t accept everybody, but we are talking with every interested webmaster or blogger. You can send traffic from your site, leads list, classifieds, anything you have on mind but only if it is not very spammy. In this moment, we are testing content and text link ads, so that would be some more possibilities to send us more targeted traffic)

    Tracking, Security, Payments ? ?

    Payments are 30 days after ending billing period (if customers are too ?forced? to buy and than change their mind, in 30 days they can do that). We are paying in MoneyBookers, Wire, Western Union, no papal
    Internal stats provides small monitoring panel for every partner (affiliate) where you can monitor in real-time traffic that you are sending, earnings are due to tech nature of some stuffs delayed but max 2 hours, other things like unique visitors for every day or period, page views, ?click to action? ,etc you can monitor in real time. Everything is 100% transparent.

    What we are REALLY LOOKING FOR?

    Long-term partners who are interested to make serious amounts for long time. So with every interested we will talk about possibilities, but I don?t say that everybody will be accepted.
    If you have nice facebook pages with us traffic, websites or blog in any shopping/consumer niche, leads list from your other business, anything that can be used for making some sales, you are welcome to talk. Even if you already have affiliate networks, adsense, info links, you can add few highly targeted site wide links, or can show pop ups , every combination is possible, and about everything we are ready to talk with you.

    Those are very brief info, if you are interested for more details, feel free to post here so everybody can read, if you are interested to start partnership with us, and get tech details PM.