print flash to pdf?

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    Apr 24, 2010
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    hi guys
    i just someone here might know
    there is this textbook that is available as an ebook online. its on the publisher's official website. not anyone can access it, you need to buy a login. thats not a problem, i have a login. I need to make a copy of this textbook. so i thought that's easy, i will just print to pdf (using something like cutepdf)

    but today when I tried to do this, it didnt work. the pages are in Flash.
    when you open the textbook, the whole book doesnt load. the first page loads, and on the left hand side there is an arrow that you can click to go to the next page.

    anyways, the major problem is that the pages are in flash and I cant print them. is there a way around this?