Pricing local search based on ranking

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by WhoYoDaddy, Aug 21, 2010.

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    What kind of pricing methods do you use? Do you charge a flat fee based on first page appearance or do you have custom made fees based on position, competition, monthly number of searches, etc.

    It would seem it would be better for both parties if there are custom fees in place. If you manage to promote a business to rank #8 for one of their keywords it would cost less than if it would be #3 or #1 position. For the business they are saving money if their ranking drops and they get less traffic. For you it gives you a reason to promote the business more to move up in rankings and start earning more. There are other variables which can be used to calculate the custom fee for the client. The goal is to maximize your earning potential while delivering results to the client.

    What do you think?
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    My pricing plans are all over the place. It depends on the business, competition, and what I think they will pay. With several of my client I do have something like what you're describing set up - should they fall from the #1, their payments go down until/if I can get them back up top. Most of my clients are local businesses without a whole lot of competition though, so it's not really something I worry about. I do a lot of keyword research and don't generally have issues keeping them on top.
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    I can't get anybody interested if the site isn't #1. And it depends on what they get when a client buys from them.
    It always makes it easier if when I call, I call giving them a lead.