Pretty sure I got scammed by stablelayer

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by f34rinc, Dec 13, 2010.

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    November 25th I had an idea for a site that I wanted to run, so so niche but whatever ive had the idea brewing for a while so I decided to choose StableLayer as my offshore host since I was assured they would ignore all DMCA complaints

    Pay for 1 year of shared hosting and a domain name, got setup in a decent amount of time and threw up a quick wordpress page and planned to work on it as I had free time

    December 3rd (friday)I notice that I cant reach my website, nor log into my FTP / Cpanel and sign into stablelayers client area and see this

    Sigh ok ok no problem ive been lazy and havent really wanted to work on the site and when I do its down, no biggie ill work on it later

    Later on the same day I get another message in the client area

    Ok but I bought my domain name through you, I never got any information to manage my DNS through the company they registered the name through (name cheap) and I know I know I know this was stupid of me I should of bought the domain name myself then brought it to the webhost, now I see why

    I send a support ticket to stable layer asking for my login credentials so I can update the DNS for my domain name and this is what I got back

    WTF come on ive been really cool about all of this and this still doesnt help me with my DNS problem, I reply back saying YES I want to continue my hosting I paid for a year and ive only gotten a weeks worth of uptime out of it?

    And after that I left it alone and waited for my name cheap credentials so I could fix my DNS server problem and lucky me I got a response back

    Wow you nuke my hosting then try and upsell me?
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    wow... I guess we could say bad timing. I doubt they are trying to upsell you personally.. maybe everyone using shared. Try contact sales from a diff email and see if they have shared hosting available.

    To be honest I was thrown off when you said you wanted someone to ignore complaints...yet paid for shared hosting.
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    That's horrible man, shoot me a PM I will set you up today on HostWinds give you the first month 100% could at least be a nice sandbox to work out of temporarily even if you dont decide to host with us.

    Shoot me a PM and I will gladly help you out :biggthump
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    Nice gesture HostWinds.