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Pretty basic blog commenter for WP

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Packers, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Packers

    Packers Registered Member

    Jan 31, 2011
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    It's my work,

     www dot mediafire dot com/?2vutr2418zedy9l
    File name: Commenter2.exe
    Submission date: 2011-04-19 16:26:19 (UTC)
    Current status: finished
    Result: 0/ 39 (0.0%)
    VT Community

    Screen shot:
    img708 dot  imageshack dot us/f/commenter.jpg/
    The idea:

    I want your help. I'm low on time and have exams coming up. I was motivated to do this because Comment Kahuna is a big pile of crap! So a bit about the program..

    • Works for Wordpress Blogs
    • Uses spin syntax if enabled { | | }
    • File -> Load to load a list of sites. Then you can simply click the Next button to load the next site rather than copy and pasting. Get a list of wordpress blogs from this forum
    • Testing tab: Lists all the tags on the page. This is where I need your help. Whenever a field isn't filled, go and find it in the list and post the name, id, value etc that sounds right for the field so I can add it.
    • It does not auto yet (properly). Will get on it once I get a proper db and can prevent random messageboxes from popping up

    I should add I only started looking at c# like 4 days ago, have like an hour a day to spare on this. I know there are alternatives to web browser, but as I said, initially a replacement for comment kahuna.

    If for whatever reason it doesnt run, let me know - I've never compiled through c# before and just copied it from the debug folder of the project.

    Any errors, let me know too. This program is by no means amazing or perfect!


    P.S. I think the mods should unban me from the IRC channel. Still don't know what I've done (I'm talking to you M.A.D! :p)

    EDIT: Oops, put it on the wrong forum! Put it wherever!
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