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Prepping a Media Buy Campaign

Discussion in 'Media Buying' started by e2274964, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. e2274964

    e2274964 Registered Member

    Dec 24, 2012
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    I'm about to launch my first ever Media Buy campaign in the music/drumloop/instrumental niche. I've developed my own product I'll be advertising for $49.95. I've checked BuySellAds and other Ad Networks for music-related websites and honestly, I wasn't impressed by the traffic I saw. So I sought after niche-related websites in attempt to do Direct Buys. The website I've chosen has an Alexa Rank right around 10,000 and is offering Top Banner placement (728x90) spots. It's $99.00 for 100,000 impressions.

    But this being my first ever campaign, I have some newbie questions.

    1). On average what kind of results or CTR could I expect from 100,000 impressions? Is it too much to expect 1000-2000 clicks?
    2). Can banner-ads typically reach above 2% CTR? I've read articles before that say 0.05% is more likely.
    3). There's another authority site in my niche offering banner ads (728x90 again) but it's at the footer. How much worse do footer ads usually perform than header ones? Would I be wasting my time? It's only $50.00 for 30 days.
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  2. gray hat

    gray hat Newbie

    Aug 9, 2013
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    1. Average CTR is 0.2%. So, on 100,000 impressions you should expect around 200 clicks.
    2. Very unlikely. If you get a CTR between .3-.4% that's considered good.
    3. It depends. I'm running a footer ad that has a CTR of 0.3%, but it may vary from site to site. If you are paying $50 for 100,000 impressions on the footer ad, then as long as its getting more than half of the clicks of the $99 placement, it would be relatively worth it.
  3. uyuyuy99

    uyuyuy99 Junior Member

    Jul 10, 2012
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    1) On one site, my 728x90 banner gets a CTR of 0.53% (1.35% unique). Another banner on a site of the same niche has a CTR of 0.48% (1.22% unique). First site has 2-3 ads on each page, second site has 3-4 ads on each page. However, your CTR really depends on how laser-targeted the niche is, and my niche is very targeted. It also depends on how many other ads are on the site. Another important factor is the type of content - if you're advertising on a forum, for example, then an ad at the very top of the page won't get as many clicks if the site is designed in such a way that the user must scroll down in order to see the content of the thread. Put yourself in the position of the user when determining how visible an ad will be.

    2) They never will. I'm not sure where you read that 0.05% is likely, but usually 0.2% is about normal for a top banner ad. As I mentioned above, lower percentages like the 0.05% you mentioned might occur if the ad density on the site is too high, or if the ad is small/off to the side.

    3) Same basic rules apply - how much does the user have to scroll down to get to the bottom of the page? Are there lengthy articles with long comment sections that no one scrolls past? If it's a blog or a forum, does the footer ad appear directly after the post/thread, or is there a large gap with miscellaneous filler stuff that people won't generally scroll past? In general, the CTR of a footer ad on a given site is (very roughly) half that of an ad with top placement, but all these factors can change that number drastically.

    Just my 2 cents
  4. ChrisX

    ChrisX Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Oct 8, 2011
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    Lower your expectations. Like others mentioned, you're more likely to get 100-200 clicks.
    Probably even less than that since your creatives haven't been tested yet.

    Also, make sure retargeting is in place so that traffic is not lost.