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Jun 20, 2017
So I'm been crawling the web looking for Movie WP Themes or scripts. I downloaded almost a hundred and most were crap and missing files. So I decided to just put this script up on a site I put pulled together last minuet. I hope It will help you all to. www.

if you all have any issues with the site let me know. Please don't Abuse.


You can wget from your hosting provider from my server. Datacenter to DataCenter w00tw00t
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Is your bandwidth really unmetered? How you are paying for the huge bandwidth.
Im not sure u understood what that site was. It was a tool to dl files and then tranfer them to your server or site by telling ur site/server to download it via url. Getting rid of u having to download and reupload from ur hd. Instead if me downloading 20gigs and reuploading them. I just tranfer from site to site. In less than 5mins. Its down right now due to me reimaging my server. Im kinda in the middle if it but im going to bed for now. Any questions pm me. Im more of a sysadmin.Than a seo guy. Im just on here to help and learn about seo stuff on the side.
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