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    Sep 13, 2013
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    hey guys whats up
    in this post i am going to do a huge ad sale on the new ptc website i am going to launch soonmy new ptc website :
    so to the point!
    i need advertisers :pwe are going to get alot of hits(traffic) when we launch (alot of money spend on advertising the site and getting members)
    so i am doing a prelaunch ad sale and i am offering a disccount!

    after the launch i will increase the prices
    For Sale

    Paid To Click Ads - as low as 1$ per 1000 Views!

    Paid To SignUp offers - 0.4$ Per Sign Up!

    Feature Ad Impressions - As Low As 2.5$ For 25,000 Impressions!

    Banner Ad Impressions - 2.5$ For 25,000 Impressions!

    Featured Banner Views - 2.5$ For 25,000 Impressions!

    Featured Link Rotation - 6$ Per Month

    * Payment Via Paypal

    paypal email : [email protected]

    you can buy it from the site

    or pm me with details

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