Pramod D. Seller Warning


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Nov 3, 2008
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Do not do business with this person, he is very impatient. He first started a dispute with paypal regarding our software. He lost after the investigation because paypal already has verified us as legitimate sellers.

He then insisted on a refun after sending 193,000 **SPAMMY** emails off free hosting. Then he complains to me that he can't send anymore.

Obvious who's going to allow you to keep sending that off free hosting while you're getting complaints?? You mail crappy unscrubbed lists and come complaining our software isn't working. Be happy that your domains weren't forfeited as well.

Do NOT do business with this person. Very impatient and I tried to be professional at all times. Our software speaks volumes and makes some of my clients hundreds-thousands per week. Very unpleasant experience.