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    For this method to work you must first select a product to 'pop' (I'll explain the pop thing later). It's easy to do with most product but click bank is a great one to start with.

    You must note down (just use a .txt) the home page and a few other pages on the site (affiliate page, special price page...). Now go grab your affiliate link from click bank and put that in that same .txt page.

    Will now move to the pop part of the method, what this means is were going to use PPV to pop our affiliate link up over the merchants page's. This does require a little investment, how much depends on the PPV network you chose to use.

    I like to use mediatrafic.com. So I'll use them in the example, first head over to there home page and sign in (or sign up). If it's your first campaign you will need to deposit $200 dollars. Were going to start a URL targeted campaign. Just set the fugues at what you feel comfortable with but I would recommend the pop up frequency be at 7 days. When you see a place to enter website URL's put in all the pages from the merchants site that you fond earlier. Set the bid as low as possible to bet the first position. This is the basic method but you can put your own twist on it. If you want a more details instruction guide on how to set up the PPV campaign check out Mass PPV formula, it's on the forum somewhere.

    Sorry If you cant understand it, I suck at writing tutorials and its my first one for BHW.

    -Beau Waddington

    P.S. I'm coining the phrase ' Affiliate Pop' if it takes off :p
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