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    Hi, I'm the owned of a blog that has $5 daily income from PPD (FI). I just had a brilliant idea, well that's what I think at least :china:
    You have all probably seen all these 5 different download links or words and so on that actually is ads. But you have no idea, because it just says "download" so you'll just go ahead and press it with an intention to get the wished file.
    Okay, as you might already have understood my blog provides free files and this is exactly what I would like to implement instead of PPD. So I really think that this is an idea if you have a look at for example yesterdays stats:

    320 Clicks
    8 Surveys complete

    But if I would still get all of those clicks on an ad instead of the low conversion rate I would have a much greater income. For example if this company were adsense:

    Clicks: 300
    Profit: $30

    Now that is a whole 600% greater revenue.
    Do I got all of this clear now or is there something obvious that I'm missing? This just seem to good to be true as I have been with my PPD method for a long time.
    Also what company would you suggest me to use if I'm going to do exactly what you have just read above? I'm using a blogspot blog.

    Kind regards
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