PPC - Direct vs Email Collection? Which do you prefer?

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    Ya I'm putting this in the lounge. I suppose it could have gone in PPC or elsewhere but I'm not really after "what's better" nor any specific advice to myself.
    This is intended to be more of a relaxed conversation with input from both sides.

    I'm wavering personally.
    I have a system where I can with the click of a mouse decide whether or not to insert an email form.
    When I do runs of ads and do NOT use the email form first, of course I get more clicks. This doesn't mean I get more sales though ...
    When I turn on the email forms, an image is shown in the background that's relevant to what I'm promoting.
    Say it's penis pills or whatever, there will be a beautiful woman laying in bed (not nude) staring right at the user.
    Over that is a black overlay with opacity of so the users can still see the image clearly but it's not too "in their face".
    The idea with this one for example is that before they see the form, they see the hotty staring right into their eyes.
    My goal is to remind them of their goal - to increase their penis size and get the hottest of the hottest .. Lol, men .. We're funny.

    Anyway, centered in the page is the email form. Simple really - name + email.
    After they fill out the form, they are THEN directed to the offer so I get to capture their email and still send them to the offer.

    The problem with me collecting emails that way is that it generates less clicks from people bouncing at the site of the email form.
    Because of that, I usually don't collect their emails.

    I'm starting to think I've been stupid all of this time though which is not something I'm afraid to admit.
    I'm kind of beating myself over the head for the thousands of hits I've had to what I'm promoting the past few days.
    My thoughts - "Most of them didn't convert. Maybe most were bots. Maybe my CPA company is shaving (NOT an accusation, just listing the possibilities). Maybe they were just curious/not ready to buy.
    Maybe if I would have collected their emails, I could have got them to buy in a week. ARRRGGG!!!" .. lol

    Anyway so I've shared my thoughts now it's your turn.

    To those of you that do PPC specifically - because with PPC you're spending money so you're even more expecting to see a ROI - do you prefer:
    1) Sending them straight to the offer
    2) Sending them to an email collection form only
    or 3) Send them to email form which then redirects to the offer after they complete it

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