PPC Ads- How To Copyright For Them Successfully

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    Some PPC gyan for the blackhatters....! :)

    Making an attractive ad copy is essential and to make it in Adwords, a catchy title, brief but, complete ad description and an ad URL that points to the specific landing page are a must if the campaign is to be converted into revenues for your business.

    Assuming that the campaign objectives have been well-defined i.e. the payment has been contained within the budget, appropriate keywords have been outlined and you are set to operate an Adwords Pay per Click campaign successfully, you still need to look at the most important element of the ad being displayed on the SERP following a search query that people are going to view.

    Regardless of the campaign, the importance of the Ad copy remains status quo and should have features such as attractiveness, specificity, eye-catchiness and the capacity to deliver a clear message.

    How to Make an Attractive Ad copy in Adwords

    To make an Ad copy in Adwords you have to work within its limited character numbers to create an attractive ad. For this, concentrate on the small details and fine tune them. Ad elements that need fine tuning include ad title, description and landing page.

    Ad title is the most important because it creates the first impression in the user. To make the title catchy, use popular keywords limiting the character numbers to a maximum of 35. Keywords will be highlighted automatically catching the user's eye and providing a solid answer to the concerned query.

    In the ad description that users will read after the title, include a brief description of your value proposition. Elaborate on your offers and reiterate the fact that users' needs can be fulfilled only through your offer. Limit this elaboration to 2 lines each of 35 characters. The next step is that of sales promotion using the call-to-action. Call-to-action such as click here, look here, book now etc. have the potential to convert your campaign into revenues.

    Having made your ad effective and pushed readers to click on it, concentrate on the ad URL. Make the URL to point to a landing page that is well-designed and has relevance to the search query and ad text. Ensure that users find the specific page that they are looking for as otherwise, campaign conversions to revenues becomes impossible.

    Since the ad text holds the key to campaign conversions and user attractions, make it so that the targeted users are not lost and preferably have a negative cost of click. Optimize the campaign through ad testing for text and landing pages to locate the best one for your venture. Even a minor title or call-to-action change can bump up conversions and so target focus is crucial.

    More input on the topic by the experts would be highly appreciated...!