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Power of the Powerline.

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Lancealotlink, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Lancealotlink

    Lancealotlink Newbie

    Nov 19, 2016
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    Dallas tx
    Hello,newbie here.

    Although I have lurked around here off and on for quite a while I went ahead and join up since I finally found something I wanted to do.

    I have recently become fascinated with Powerline marketing. I've searched the internet. And it seems like there's very few companies if any using this method. I could be wrong,

    I found one called Skinny body which has to do with weight loss but I've heard a lot of bad reviews about it where most of the money goes to buying the useless products and a small amount actually goes to the actual profitline.

    But my idea is real simple a small payment that's a $26 a month with $20 dollars going to the actual downline and $6 going toward advertising and marketing for each downline customer.(Everybody's happy).

    I have a catchy little cartoon video that explains the idea and I would run it on adfly over and over again. Now this would be illegal if I didn't actually have a product. So my idea of a product is a SEO membership site that would give full kickback for SEO purchase think SEO coupon book, since the real money really isn't in the SEO but in the Powerline.

    Of course, my idea has a few snags to it. One is that I need a worldwide Merchant account that is NOT PAYPAL. I just heard too many nightmares about using PayPal Frozen accounts and such. So if you know of a good Merchant account that's not PayPal please let me know.

    Another snag in my idea might be Google. Would they consider a club membership for an SEO coupon book too sketchy of a product?

    Anyway I would love to hear from you guys I know that some of you little maniacs on here could take this idea and really run with it.