Power Nameserver for XRUMER and SCRAPEBOX users


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Oct 6, 2008
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Are you also limited in the number of DNS-requests per second?

Both your bandwidth and cpu-usage are far away from their limits, but the submission process does not speed up regardless how many worker threads you have? A reason might be your dns-server which slows you down for taking too many requests.

I am thinking about providing a fast blackhat-name-server which allows for many requests/user/second. This would be possible on a static IP base. I'd first like to know if people are interested before deciding if offering such service makes sense.

I can say that this makes no sense for people occasionally running XRumer and friends on a small scale. It also cannot help to solve your router or general configuration problems. It more addresses pros who know where their limitations are coming from.

So let me know...

I do not understand what you are saying. Is this a service?
I'd be interested in something like that depending on integration, and a variety of factors related to it. Xrumer specific as SB does fine on my local connection.
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