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Aug 3, 2010
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1. Buy (with resale rights) or write an e-book telling businesse how they can boost thier profits and make a site thats about a man/woman (supposedly you) that helped small businesses boost thier prodits by 150% etc. and say that the e-books a limited offer to the newspaper readers (you will understand in a minute)

2. Design a newspaper article that tells about a person who helped small business boost profits (same as above) and just a simple article about it and then mention at the bottom that this person is offering his/her secrets to the newspapers readers for a limited time only, just go to www.yourEbookSite.com while the offer lasts. You have to make it look real. Obviously for this example your e-book has to be about making a small business more profitable.

3. Make the article look like it was cut out of a newspaper and then print on a post-it-note something like;

Hi, i saw this article
and thought of you

as J could mean just about anyone and also make the print blue and a font similair to hand writing (yes it does actually look hand wrote if you get a good enough font). Stick the post note on your cut out article (fold the article)

4. Put the article through the letter boxes of businesses in the area and then if you want make an email list from thier emails and sent them additional offers.

Tell me if you like it :D
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