Potential first SEO offline client. Final meet tomorrow. Please advise.

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by marcus.watts, Jul 22, 2011.

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    So, I have started capturing local market. Contact a few business owners last week and had a first meeting yesterday.

    Explained why SEO is important for them and how exactly its gonna benefit their business.

    They were like "umm hmm, ok". Get here with a quote tomorrow and we'd see how it goes.

    Now , I gotta go there tomorrow and present the quotation. I have offered them a complete package of "designing, hosting and promotion [seo]".

    My rates are reasonable and same as industry standard. However, businesss'es not aware of SEO might think its high. How do you think should I start? What do I tell them?

    I have thought of "assumptive opening". Something like "so that was the quote, heres the document to be signed, my signature is in there already.".

    What do you guys suggest?
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    well one of the first things that you want to do is always stack the cards in your favor. I know this may seem hard to do when you are first starting out but you want to give an air of already successful and in demand.

    its called fake it until you make it.

    if you dont have clients who you can prove you did work with then try another angle where you hit the potential client in their sore spot by talking about their competitors and how they are up on first page banking -- this tactic focuses on the envy and pain of the client and deflects attention from you being a newbie. they are desperate and envious of the page 1 winners.

    what you essentially need to do is stop proving yourself and flip the table to where you are qualifying them instead. Right now it seems that they have the bargaining power because you did not qualify them.

    In the future start your consultations off by asking questionsabout their business because it gives you ammo to find out what is driving them and then you can nail their painful spots and offer a solution to it

    hope that helps!

    remember you are the one with the expertise, empower yourself!
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    There's a term in Economics called Anchoring. It's pricing related and you should know that any initial price you quote your client, he will be anchored to this price range for the long term. Many new service providers make the mistake of taking on clients on a strict budget (AKA - Losing money to get the client), only to realize later they can't get the price to increase. That's the reason why so many companies with "Promotional welcome packages" only lose money.

    Be aware that you don't budget yourself based on Getting the client and then revenue.
    That's why huge retailers tell you "Market price is X and our price is X-25% - Most people assume they get a great deal even though we all marketers know it's retarded.

    Many of us who tried generating leads from Fiverr notice that it's almost impossible and never economically correct. And the above is the reason.
    Taking a ridiculously priced $5 client to real market price of $25 outside fiverr is 99% impossible - No matter how much you benefit the client - When your price increase, they will head to fiverr and find someone else; They won't spend $25 even if there's no-one as good as you are.

    I'll give you a personal example: I am a casino affiliate and I promote a certain casino successfully. One day, they contacted me via another site of mine by mistake and offered me a permanent better deal; when I asked for the deal they offered on all my current assets - They said no - And I pulled them off all my sites, taking away 15 monthly real money players from them, and when they finally agreed - I refused. Fuck them I said. I am now anchored to a better deal and they gave me a hard time for nothing. They lost money and I can always promote another casino. There are Hundreds.

    Remember that.
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    Don't sell features, Sell benefits.
    Why does everyone over complicate things?
    Lol @ fiver. I go in at at $5000.
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