Potential Call Scam?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by norsebastard, Jan 26, 2012.

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    I've been looking for work lately to help improve my cash flow and I've come across what I'm beginning to think is a scam -- and if it isn't, it might be interesting for BHWers anyway.

    I've been looking though posts at monster and a few other job-posting websites and every so often they will have a job that sounds nice, but will take you to another website to apply. This website is not owned by the company that you think you are applying to, but another job-recruiting company.. or so they claim.

    Within an hour of submitting the application, you get a call doing some basic interview questions - age, do you have a diploma/GED? what year? highest level of education, etc. At the end of this, the person will tell you that they are forwarding your information on to the client and that they will email you. Before they hang up they will sort of take you aside and mention that they have "partners" with various schools and ask you if you have any interest in furthering your education.

    The first time I thought nothing of this, declined and I never heard from that company or the job I applied to. I got this same routine again with another company and another number and I didn't hear from them either. I had this experience a third time today and it occurs to me that none of the questions they asked were specific to the jobs I was applying for. What they would be useful for.. is fielding applicants to schools with the company getting paid per lead or sale.

    This might be my imagination, but it's an interesting trick either way.

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    I would say YES next time and see what how fast somebody else calls you back. These leads pay big time to whom ever is sponsoring this ad. I guess I find it interesting on how they chain this all together and use some things in my business (legal stuff) that work. I say why re-invent the wheel and learn from others at their cost.