Potential BIG MONEY maker [Need a tiny bit of advice]

Discussion in 'CPA' started by knightofarmor, Sep 13, 2012.

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    Hey everyone. So I got a facebook viral script that basically forces the user to share (something of my choice) before they get the content. Just about all the code is done and I can launch this method whenever I want.

    A few questions I have though is how exactly should I attach cpa to this? Should I just add it as a second lock? That way the user has to share my landing page, then fill out cpa, then gets the content? Or should I have the user share both my landing page and the cpa offer? Or have them just share the cpa offer?

    So many routes I can take with this. Just need help puttin all the pieces together to maximize my leads.

    Was also thinking of making the landing page based strictly on the offer itself. That way the user only needs to share the landing page and thats it.. Any recommendations?
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    Force Share > Content locker > Content.

    Just find as many fan page owners as you can to JV with,Use a gateway spinner so there is no need to split profits later.
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    Well this has been done 10000's of times before so it's nothing new. Make a Facebook style lander and tell the user to share to receive a Giftcard or something then redirect to the offer.

    But Facebook has seen it a million times before, it will be hard for you to go viral and almost impossible if you don't use a .com domain. I hope you have a lot of traffic.
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    Is it the 'shlimo' script on Fiverr? I've been trying that out a bit... But Facebook users are hard.