potential 301 Redirect problem...any ideas? (also a good lesson for the BH community!)

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    Hi all,

    In this post I'm hoping someone can offer some thoughts on this unique situation.....I'm also hoping this serves as a cautionary tale for the community as well!

    So I have a domain that has product name in it.... fictitious example - kindlefirereview.net

    I spent a good bit of time (and money) building up a site with some good authority in the niche...I was ranking well, and even making a little money.

    Well, the manufacturer found out about the domain, and exercised their legal right to have me transfer the domain over to them on the basis of copyright enfringement (which unfortunately is their right to do..)

    I've built up a new site that does not have any type of enfringement problems, have copied over all the content from the original site, and have 301 redirected the old, enfringing site to the new one, and so far it's apparently transfering the juice ok so far.

    The problem I am facing (reason for this post), is that obviously, in the very near future, I am going to have to completely give up the original domain, and the 301 redirect will go away.

    I'm kind of wondering if anyone has a clue as to what will happen...will the new site possibly keep (some of) it's rankings without the redirect, so I can continue to work on it directly? Is there something else I should do? Am I totally F'ed???

    I originally wondered if I should even bother with the redirect, since I won't have the original domain very much longer, but was hoping that even having it in place for a short while might hopefully show google that the content has moved. (even with the 301 going away) Honestly, the link profile wasn't even that robust, but the site had good domain age and google seemed to like it for the niche I was targeting (liked the content?)...

    I'd love to hear any thoughts and/or insights on this situation.

    Lesson to learn from this? Don't use exact product names in the top level domain name, because you might get screwed!!! ;)